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Geronimo imagines a better outlook for the inbox

It’s a constant refrain. Today’s email is a tragedy and a travesty. There’s no way to sort information in personally relevant ways, few tools that can organize the mass of messages rolling in through an increasingly ubiquitous scroll of information in a vertical list format.

Erik Lukas, the founder of Jumpin Labs, has a different vision for what email should look like.

Instead of the ceaseless stream of subject lines and previews, Jumpin Labs’ app Geronimo rethinks the entire way email is organized, managed, stored and presented on a mobile device (specifically the iPhone — for now).

The release marks the second act for Jumpin Labs, which has been focused on developing a better email to make people fitter, happier, and more productive since launching in 2015.

When the product first launched, Lukas’ startup drew rave reviews from most tech sites and was able to quickly raise cash. But the back-end architecture Jumpin Labs used collapsed under the weight of its feature set and the company had to go back to the drawing board.

Two years later, Lukas is finally ready to reintroduce Geronimo to the world.

And while the rest of the technology world has seen huge shifts in the two years that Geronimo was back in the lab, email, unsurprisingly, remains stubbornly unchanged.

“My personal drive to reinvent and innovate in this space stems from the fact I believe it can be so much more. It’s underinnovated, lacks any real design leaders, and is full of content that can be transformed into something bigger and better,” Lukas wrote in an email. “The fact that hardware motion capabilities when used right can create more interactive experiences is also fascinating. We could have built games or messaging apps or enterprise products but this is really about a more people-centric, user empowering, mobile email experience.”

Since 2014, the biggest innovations from the major email platforms has been the automated contextual response and the ability to swipe a message into an archived folder.

It’s almost shocking how little attention is paid to what remains one of the most important productivity tools out there. Instant messaging may be buzzier, but that’s because email has become almost an afterthought — even while it remains so, so broken.

“Email hasn’t evolved much since 1999. Our phones get more advanced every 6 months but email has been painfully stagnant,” said Lukas in a statement.

New features in the updated Geronimo app include an ability to annotate videos and images in the app, an undo send feature and its location exclusively on a users’ phone (this clientside architecture means that data stays private and isn’t moving through yet another company’s servers). All this on top of the company’s initial innovations like a horizontal timeline view; the ability to select and move individual emails, and customizable corners where email can be deleted, archived, put in a to-do list, or save til later.